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SUVC’19 (Saur Urja Vehicle Challenge 2019)

The team from Sri Sairam Engineering College, Solaris India, had participated in SUVC’19 (Saur Urja Vehicle Challenge 2019) organised by RSTE (Refrangible Society of Technophile Engineers) at Hindustan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. The team achieved 4th place in the Overall Ranking and won the awards in different categories as follows:

  • 4th place in Overall Ranking
  • Best Solar Efficient Award
  • Best Pilot Award
  • Team Spirit Award
  • Leadership Award
  • 3rd in Suspension and traction Test
  • 5th in Auto-cross Test
  • 4th in Acceleration-Brake Test
  • 3rd in Egress Test

The following students participated in the event as part of Solaris India Team.

1412517114065JANANEE M2ndAMechanical
2412517114066JANANI V2ndAMechanical
3412517114059HARINAATH B2ndBMechanical
4412517114132RAGUL AADHITHYA G2ndDMechanical
5412517114131PUGAZHENDHI R2ndDMechanical
6412517114074KAMALNATH V D2ndDMechanical
7412517114122PERUMAL M2ndDMechanical
8412517114030BARATH BALA A2ndDMechanical
9412517114023ARVIND ADITHAN M2ndDMechanical
10412516114136SHANKAR NARAYANAN R3rdAMechanical
11412516114013AKASH V3rdAMechanical
12412516114155THILAK RAJ G3rdBMechanical
13412516114055GURUSUBRAMANI N3rdBMechanical
14412516114146SOUNDARYAN P3rdBMechanical
15412516114161VENKAT RAHUL M3rdCMechanical
16412516114024ARUN PRASAD R3rdCMechanical
17412516114045ELAYARAJA T3rdDMechanical
18412516114167VIGNESH Y3rdDMechanical
19412516114044EASWAR KARTHIK M3rdDMechanical
20412516114114RAKESH R3rdDMechanical
21412516114135SELVA BALAJI K R3rdEMechanical