Material Research Centre

Materials are real blessings to mankind; in the modern technological worlds the need of the day is advanced materials for growing technological advancements. The Composites are most sought engineering materials due to its wide span of applications in well prominent field of engineering.


To provide

  • Hands on training in preparing composite materials.
  • Information’s pertaining to composite material strength and its mechanical behavior.
  • Provide consultancy work in the area of metal matrix composites.
  • Carry out fiber reinforced Laminate design for different combinations of plies with different orientations of the fiber.
  • Carry out corrosion study on Engineering materials.


  • To find avenues in most appropriate composite material development.
  • To develop composite materials in an optimized way.
  • To characterize the various important aspects of Composite materials.

Facilities available:

Bottom pouring type stir casting furnace for Aluminium / Magnesium

The equipment is used for Aluminium& Magnesium research purposes in which the user can melt the metal, preheat the nano/micro particles, drop it to the melt and stir it at high speed. Once the mixing is complete, just by a button press the composite/melt is poured into the die/mould of desired shape. A special provision for inert gas supply is available for the furnace to control unwanted atmospheric reaction.

Cryogenic & Heat Treatment Setup with Multipurpose Heat Treatment Furnace:

Heat Treatment:

Maximum attainable temperature: 1150 0C
Exterior: Fitted on a M.S. frame with split door at the top with provision for inert gas.
Temperature control: PID based Programmable Temperature controller.

Cryogenic Treatment test rig:

Stainless steel vacuum chamber with temperature indicator and suitable sensor to read temperature of (minus) -196 deg.C.

Salt Fog Corrosion Study test Setup:

Salt Spray Chamber :

600 mm X 400 X400 mm chamber size with cover and water sealing.
Acrylic material, nozzle and water can for holding the electrolyte.
Rods for suspending the specimen, hose and other accessories
Compressor of 3 hp capacity operating at along with pressure adjuster to along with water filter.