Bio-Fuel Research Centre


  • To create the awareness to the students about the alternative fuels derived from organic matters. Since, biofuelsderived from organic mattershas played a vital role in the environmental issues to reduce the emissions.
  • Also, to impart the knowledge to the students about the different methods ofpreparation of biodiesel.


  • To have the opportunity to tie-up with the industries.
  • Exchange of technical ideas between the industry and the institution has been strengthened.
  • Students have most benefited from them to acquire the knowledge in the field of the latest advancement in engines as well as in alternative fuels.
  • The industry and institution gap has been bridged.
  • Possibility to bring the innovative projects in the field of I.C.engines.


  • The biodiesel preparation unit is available.
  • Variable Compression Ratio a research engine is available to conduct the experiments.
  • Exhaust gas analyzer (five gas analyzer) unit is available.
  • Various testing equipment such as Viscometer, bomb calorimeter etc. is available to measure the properties of biodiesel.
  • Combustion analyzer is equipped with the engine to plot the various graphs such as pressure-crank angle, heat release rate and mass fraction burnt etc. while the engine is on running.

Consultation work

  • A few research project works have been carried out for the research scholars.
  • Research and consultation works in the field of alternative fuels have been carried out in the small industry which is situated in and around the college premises.
  • Various student projects in alternative fuels have been carried out.