Clean Energy Research Center


  • To provide solutions to the acute problems that humankind is facing due to the gradual depletion of the earth’s fossil fuel resources. Exploring the role of clean energy in urban and rural infrastructure development.
  • Incubation of new idea on solar PV technology in association with R&D laboratories/industry.
  • To upgrade the existing solar PV systems as well as develop new type solar PV systems.
  • To learn the design and analysis methodology and bring the concept to the working level and commerice.


  • Collaborative work with industry on high efficiency solar cells and modules.
  • Possibility to bring the innovative projects in the field of Renewable Energy.
  • To develop the culture of energy saving and bring the decipiline among the users.
  • Create awarness to involve students/public community along with capacity building in establishing, operating and managing Renewable Energy.
  • To provide decentralized energy supply to agriculture, industry, commercial and household sector.
  • Development of smart grid through photovoltaic power system.
  • Entrepreneur development.


  • 100m3 Night soil based Biogas plant is woring in our campus.
  • Fuel testing facilities (to find the calorific value of the various gas).
  • Water treatment plant is available.
  • Mini wind turbine power generator.
  • Solar panel performance testing with tracking analysis facilities.
  • 125 kW solar PV – Grid tie plant is established in the college.
  • The kitchen waste are used in digester to produce biogas.

Consultation work

  • Collaborative work with industry on high efficiency solar cells and modules.
  • Solar cell modeling and simulation works are done in college primises.
  • Design and development of roof top PV systems.
  • Inhouse strength with basic fundamental knowledge for analysis and research.
  • Projects (Solar street light, Solar water heating) are done in and around the college premises.
  • Various innovative and new projects in energy have been carried out with the help of industry.