Research Centre

Faculty With PHD

S. No.NEW IDName of the StaffDesignation
1SECT98ME01Dr. A. Rajendra PrasadProfessor & Dean (Student Affairs)
2SECT00ME01Dr.B.Vijaya RamnathProfessor - HOD / Mech
3SECT09ME03Dr.N.VasudevanAssistant Professor
4SECT06ME01Dr.L.SaravanakumarAssistant Professor
5SECT12MU01Dr.N.ManiProfessor - HOD / Mech & Auto
6SECT13ME02Dr. S. RamachandranDean (R&D)
7SECT13ME04Dr. S. VaidyanathanProfessor
8SECT09ME02Dr. K. VenkataramanAsso.Prof.
9SECT08ME02Dr. R. Ashok GandhiAsso.Prof.
10SECT13ME05Dr. M. Arul PrakashAsso.Prof.
11SECT11ME01Dr. R. BhoopathiAsso.Prof.
12SECT12ME02Dr. S. RajeshAsso.Prof.
13SECT12ME04Dr. C. ParswajinanAsso.Prof.
14SECT22ME01Dr. N. Vinayaga Muruga PandyAsst. Prof.
15SECT22ME02Dr. A. ManivannanAsst. Prof.
16SECT00ME01Dr.V.RavirajAsso. Prof.

No. of Scholars completed PHD

S. No.Staff IDDept.Name of the Staff & DesignationName of the UniversitySupervisor Recognition YearNo. of Scholars Completed their
Ph. D. degree
No. of scholars
to be completed their Ph.D. degree
1ET00ME01MECHDr. B. Vijaya Ramnath
Anna Uty20121412
2ET12ME01MUDr. N. Mani, HOD / MUAnna Uty2014111

R&D Centre with Supervisor List

S.No.UniversityIDSupervisor IDSupervisor Recognition No.Supervisor NameRecognized Department Code (if applicable)DesignationArea of Expertise (in keywords)No. of scholars
on going (Full Time)
No. of scholars
on going (Part Time)
1Anna UniversitySECT98ME01SECRG23ME0014220064Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad4141917Professor & Dean (Student Affairs)Renewable Energy, Energy Engineering00
2Anna UniversitySECT00ME01SECRG14ME0012320544Dr.B.Vijaya Ramnath4141917Professor / HOD (Mech)Lean manufacturing, composite materials, friction stir welding111
3Anna UniversitySECT09ME03SECRG22ME0014120031Dr.N.Vasudevan4141917Assistant ProfessorFriction Stir Welding,Composite Materials, Cryogenic Assisted Materials Processing01
4Anna UniversitySECT06ME01SECRG22ME0024120051Dr.L.Saravanakumar4141917Assistant ProfessorAlternate Fuels, I.C.Engines, Refrigeration, Energy03
5Anna UniversitySECT12MU01SECRG14ME0022120217Dr.N.Mani4141917Professor / HOD (MU)Fracture Mechanics, Design, FEA19

Scholars list

S. No.Research CentreResearch Student ID No.Mode of StudyScholar NameFrom Which CollegeMonth & Year of RegistrationPh. D StatusName of the GuideStaff ID
1MECHSECRS14MEP01Part TimeR. Senthil KumarSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJuly, 2014Confirmation completedDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
2MECHSECRS15MEP01Part TimeP. DuraimuruganRMK Engineering College, ChennaiJanuary, 2015Course work completedDr. N. ManiET12ME01
3MECHSECRS15MEP02Part TimeM. VijayanPace Institute of Technology and Sciences-OngoleJanuary, 2015Course Work CompletedDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
4MECHSECRS15MEP03Part TimeS. RavindranSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJuly, 2015Confirmation CompletedDr. N. ManiET12ME01
5MECHSECRS16MEF01Full TimeB. VijayFull time ScholarJul-16Course Work DoingDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
6MECHSECRS16MEP03Part TimeP. KarthickShri Andal Alagar College of Engineering, MamandurJuly, 2016Confirmation CompletedDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
7MECHSECRS16MEP04Part TimeR. SangamaeswaranSri Sairam Institute of TechnologyJul, 16Confirmation CompletedDr. N. ManiET12ME01
8MECHSECRS17MEP01Part TimeArunkumar RSri Sairam Institute of TechnologyJanuary, 2017Confirmation CompletedDr. N. Mani(Joint Supervisor)ET12ME01
9MECHSECRS17MEP02Part TimeG. RamakrishnanSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJanuary, 2017Confirmation CompletedDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
10MECHSECRS17MEP03Part TimeAshwin ShaileshSri Sairam Institute of TechnologyJuly, 2017Course work CompletedDr. N. ManiET12ME01
11MECHSECRS19MEP01Part TimeK. Vetri VelmuruganSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJuly, 2019Course work completedDr. N. ManiET12ME01
12MECHSECRS21MEP01Part TimeL. Ravi KumarSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJanuary, 2021Course Work DoingDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
13MECHSECRS21MEP02Part TimeS. BalasubramaniSri Sairam Institute of TechnologyJanuary, 2021Course work completedDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
14MECHSECRS21MEP03Part TimeI. JeminaSri Sairam Institute of TechnologyJanuary, 2021Course work CompletedDr. N. ManiET12ME01
15MECHSECRS21MEP04Part TimeA. RavinthiranSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJul, 21Course Work DoingDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
16MECHSECRS21MEP05Part TimeG. SathiPrince VenkateshwaraJul,21Course Work DoingDr. N. ManiET12ME01
17MECHSECRS21MEP06Part TimeS. RamanathanSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJul,21Course Work DoingDr. N. ManiET12ME01
18MECHSECRS22MEF01Full TimeSujetha S TNot WorkingJan, 22Course Work DoingDr. N. ManiET12ME01
19MECHSECRS22MEP02Part TimeT. GaneshSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJan, 22Course work completedDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
20MECHSECRS22MEP03Part TimeS. KrishnarajSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJan, 22Course work completedDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
21MECHSECRS22MEP04Part TimeT. BabuSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJul, 22Course work CompletedDr. N. ManiET12ME01
22MECHSECRS22MEP05Part TimeV. PrabhuSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJul, 22Course work DoingDr. B. Vijaya RamnathET00ME01
23MECHSECRS23MEP01Part timeMr. S. Siva ChandranSri Sairam Engineering CollegeJul-23Course work DoingDr. L. Saravana KumarET06ME01
24MECHSECRS23MEP03Part timeMr. M. SudhakarSri Sairam Engineering College11.07.2023Course work DoingDr. L. Saravana KumarET06ME01
25MECHSECRS23MEP04Part timeMr. E. Vetre SelvanSri Sairam Engineering College11.07.2023Course work DoingDr. L. Saravana KumarET06ME01
26MECHSECRS23MEP02Part timeMr. E. ChandramohanSri Ramanujar Engineering CollegeJul-23Course work DoingDr. N. VasudevanET09ME03