Certification Course

1Dr. K. Venkataraman1Engineering Teaching
2Dr. L. Saravana Kumar51. IC Engines and Gas Turbines 2. Steam and Gas Power Systems 3.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 4. NBA Accreditation and Teaching-Learning in Engineering 5. RenewableEnergy Engineering: Solar, Wind and Biomass Energy Systems
3Dr. S. Arunprasad21. Theory and Practice of Non Destructive Testing 2. Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks
4Dr. R. Ashok Gandhi21.Inspection and quality control in manufacturing 2.Teaching And Learning in Engineering (TALE)
5Dr. M. Arul Prakash41. Steam and Gas Power Systems. 2. Non-Conventional Energy Resources, 3. Convective Heat Transfer. 4. Introduction to CFD.
6Mr. S. Ravindran31. Engineering Economic Analysis 2. Effective Engineering Teaching in Practice 3. Introduction Abrasive Machining and Finishing Process
7Mr. V. Ravi Raj31.Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems 2.
Kinematics of Mechanisms and Machines 3.Engineering Mechanics
8Dr. S. Rajesh71. Introduction to composites
2. Robotics
3. Basics of finite element analysis
4. computer Integrated Manufacturing
5. Manufacturing of composites
6. Academic Writing
7. Nature and properties of Materials
10Mr. V. Pandyaraj2Manufacturing of composite
11Mr. R. Senthil Kumar81. Strength of Materials
2. Engineering Economic Analysis
3. Effective Engineering Teaching in Practice
4. Cost Accounting
5. Patent Drafting for Beginners
6. Introduction on Intellectual Property to Engineers and Technologists
7. Accreditation and Outcome based Learning
8. Education for Sustainable Development
13Mr. K. Vetri Velmurugan1Computer Integrated Manufacturing
14Mr. R. Rajaprasanna1Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing
15Mr. S. Krishnaraj41. Engineering Economic Analysis 2. Stress Management 3. Robotics 4. Patent Drafting for Beginners
16Mr. A. Ravinthiran21. Basic Finite Element Analysis 2. Introduction to Research
17Mr. S. Ganapathy21. Fluid Machines
2. Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing
18Mr. L. Ravikumar21. Introduction to Research
2. Automation in Manufacturing
22Mr. T. Babu31. Engineering Metrology
2. Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing
3. Techniques of Materials Characterization
24Mr. S. Siva Chandran81. Non-conventional energy Resources
2. Electric Vehicles - Part 1
3. Teaching And Learning in Engineering (TALE)
4. Electric vehicles and Renewable energy
5. Renewable Energy Engineering: Solar, Wind and Biomass Energy Systems
6. Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning
7. Laws of thermodynamics
8. Engineering Thermodynamics
25Mr. E. Vetre Selvan1Advanced Machining Processes
28Dr. A. Manivannan21. Manufacturing of Composites
2. Product Engineering and Design Thinking