TNSCST & DST Projects

S.No.Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator)Name of the Funding agencyTitle of the ProjectSanctioned Order NumberSanctioned dateAmount Received (In Rupees)Amount received (in words)
1R. Senthil KumarSairam - IEDCRA - Solar Decoction Extractor 1,00,000 /-One Lakh only
2R. Senthil KumarSairam - IEDCAPP VIVNA - An app which gives market exposure to the farmers 1,00,000 /-One Lakh only
3Dr.R.Ashok GandhiDSTDesign ,Development Demonstration of one vertical axis free flow helical clustered water turbine in mizoramDST/SSTP/2018/35 C31.03,2019Rs 7,56,384Seven lakh fifty six thousand three hundraden eighty four
4PANDYARAJ VTNSCSTDesign and Development of Autonomous water cleaning systemsEME051611.3.227550seven thousand and five hundred and fifty rupees
5Dr.N.VasudevanDST-EDII-NSTEDBEntrepreneurship Awareness Camp.EDI/DST-NIMAT/18-19/RLS-1/316

21.08.2018200000Two Lakhs Only
6Dr.N.VasudevanDST-EDII-NSTEDBEntrepreneurship Awareness Camp.EDII/DST/NIMAT 19-20/43212.08.201960000Sixty Thousand Only
7Dr. R. BhoopathiTNSCSTDesign and Fabrication of Mutipurpose Automated Foot Step Mechanism for Physically Challenged PersonTNSCST/SPS/BS2022-202303.03.20237500Seven Thouisand Five Hundred
8Dr. R. BhoopathiSPECTO TOOLSFixture Design for Eccentric Work Specimen Thousand Nine Hundred
Scheme to improve the quality parameters of mentee institutions.2019-202230,00,00Thirty Lakhs
10Dr. R.Ashok Gandhi
Dr. S. Ramachandran
Mr. A.Ravinthiran
Mechanical Engineering
Department of Science and Technology
Design ,Development and Demonstration of vertical axis free flow helical clustered water turbine2019-20208,16,384Eight Lakhs sixteen thousand three hundred and eighty four only
11Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad
Dr. S. Ramachandran
Mr. N. Vasudevan
Mechanical Engineering
Department of Science and Technology
( DST) ( TSDP)
Development of a green Energy farm by designing and developing Shrouded Hydrofoil Horizontal Axis Hydro – Kinetic water turbine.2015-201833,69,000Thirty Three Lakhs Sixty Nine Thousand Only
12Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad
Mr. N. Vasudevan
Mechanical Engineering
Research Promotion
Study on the Influence of Cryogenic treatment on Aluminum alloys and its composites during solidification and after solidification in material property modification suitable for aerospace applications2015-201812,94,118Twelve Lakhs Ninety Four Thousand One hundred and Eighteen Only.
13Dr. A. Abdul Rahman
Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad Mechanical Engineering
Swachh Bharat
Development of appropriate rural sanitation with refernce to sludge treatment2015-201812,99,240Twelve Lakhninety nine thousand two hundred and forty only