Extracurricular Activities


TypeNON IBR, Automatic, 3 Phase
Model / FuelSBS 200 / Diesel
Capacity200 Kg/hr.
Operating Pressure12 Bar
Inlet Temperature Range1200 C to 1600 C
Name of the EquipmentQuantity
IBM Server Intel Xeon 5506 (Quad Core – NEHELAM)/ 2.13 Ghz/8MB L3 CACHE/1066 Mhz/2GB RAM/250 GB SATA @3.5” HDD/RAID 0&1 CARD/ DVD-ROM/KEY BOAED/MOUSE/ LENOVA 18.5” TFT MONITOR
Dell Optiplex 3040 Desktop 6th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor, 4GB Ram, 1 TB Hard disk, Dos, DVD Drive, 18.5” LED Monitor, Keyboard with Mouse, 3 Years Warranty30
Desktop-Dell Optiplex 980DT Base N-Series, 2GB Ram, 320GB Sata 3.0 Gb/s Hard Drive, 16x DVD +/- RW Drive, DellTM E 1910 H 18.5” Wide Screen Flat Panel Monitor (VGA), Dell MS III USB Optical Mouse, DellTMQuietkey Keyboard.4
Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU E7500@2.93GHz 2 GB of RAM 250 GB HDD 19 LG LCD Monitor, Samsung DVD writer, Logitech keyboard, Logitech mouse, ATX Cabinet (Black).10
10.0 KVA UPS System Liebert make S400D 10.0KVA 3Ph I/P 230V O/p, DSP Powered, next generation technology based online UPS System with 12V, 26AH, 26 Nos. Sealed Maintained free batteries to support 30 minutes battery backup with suitable racks, inter – cell connectors and cable 4
Panasonic Make 3 TR Copper Model Cassette Type Unit4
Transcend 2*2 GB DDR215
Asus 1GB DDr3 Graphic Card15
Computer Chairs Fibre Moulded without arms50
HP DeskJet 640C1
HP Deskjet 3420 Colour1
HP DeskJet 3325 Colour1
TypeImpulse turbine
No. of Nozzles3
Inlet Pressure10 bar
Steam flow rate0.01 Kg/sec
Speed Range2500 to 3000 rpm

The Most Wanted-SAE BAJA 2011

The team “THE MOST WANTED” from Sri Sai Ram Engineering College bagged the 1st position in South India and secured an overall position of 4th in India. Apart from this the team also cleared the technical inspection in the first attempt (the only team to do so among the 80 teams). As a result of the student’s effort, hard work and more importantly team driver P.Deepak’s skill, the team won the “SAFETY VEHICLE AWARD” with a cash award of Rs. 1,00,000. The vehicle was also chosen for the “CHAIRMAN’S AWARD” with a cash award of Rs. 10,000 for team effort, effective leadership, good co ordination and team spirit.

The BAJA SAE INDIA student challenge is a feted student competition that presents the undergraduate engineering students with a stimulating task of designing, fabricating and validating an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The history of the event dates back to the mid 70’s when it was organized in USA and since then it is being conducted annually at several locations across the globe, including USA, MEXICO, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, BRAZIL, and KOREA, witnessing participation from most prominent technical schools around the world. The event was organized in India from the year 2007 as BAJA SAEINDIA at NATRAX (National Test Tracks) facility of NATRIP (National Automotive Testing R&D Infrastructure Project) situated at Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh.

The BAJA SAE ASIA 2011, hosted by SAEINDIA in aegis with NATRIP and ARAI, tasks the students to design and build an off road vehicle that would sustain the punishments of the rough terrain. The project educates students by giving them a pragmatic exposure to the real world challenges as faced in the industry; thus serving the prime objective of bringing out the talent to serve the nation for the years to come, in continuation with the vision Automotive Mission Plans(AMP 2016), a dream to make India an international Automotive hub.

The BAJA SAEINDIA series has witnessed a close partaking from industry in the form of sponsorship for the teams. The platform is highly recognized as a venture to grab the country’s finest engineers with the right passion to be absorbed directly into the industry. The out-of classroom engineering learning through hands on experience has brought a chasm transformation into the quality of students entering the industry.

We the team “The Most Wanted” representing Sri Sai Ram Engineering College for SAE BAJA 2011 comprises of 23 members( 21 from Mechanical and 2 from Electrical and Electronics department) led by the Captain Felix Udhayaraj.R are a bunch of highly talented and spirited individuals working with a common goal of tasting success at this year’s edition of BAJA. Led by Captain Felix Udhayaraj R, a dynamic individual and a fierce competitor, we have made great strides towards achieving our goal of mastering BAJA 2011.

The team itself has been further divided into groups, with each group in-charge of various functions. S.Niranjan, design head, with K.V.Vidyashankar, S.Vinod, Vinod Kumar and T. Mouli Ganesh were charged with designing a robust roll-cage that could withstand rugged terrain. These students applied all their design knowledge to come up with an efficient and effective ATV.

The design was widely appreciated at the Virtual BAJA 2011 at New Delhi and we got selected for the next round. The Marketing department headed by R.Karthik along with Arvind.S.Kashyap, Arubind.S, Vignesh and Mohan Murali were instrumental in obtaining sponsors to support the costs of fabrication. Without the efforts of these students and the college management fabricating the vehicle would have never been a reality. Fabrication was undertaken by S. Rakesh assisted by S.Vignesh (Vice Captain), G.Satish Kumar, S.Mohan and Gurushankar. All these individuals put in arduous efforts working day and night to ensure that the best possible ATV was made that shall compete wit the best. And we are proud to say that the outcome has been really fantabulous and we are looking forward to show our prowess on the battlefield.

The final inspection of the ATV was done by N.Balaganesh, L.Vignesh, S.Karthik and R.Murugesan. They ensured that the fabrication was in terms with the design and any glitches were rectified to avert any danger. The Innovation and Go Green concepts were handled by R.Vishal and S.Poonkathirvelan from the Electrical and Electronics Department. P. Deepak is our driver who is a audacious, fierce competitor capable of making the vehicle dance to his tunes and he is eagerly looking forward to drive on the track. With the support of the college management, our beloved HOD, and SAE coordinators Mr Suresh and Mr K.Natrajan and not to forget our Lab Assistant Mr. Jayraj we have put all our knowledge and hard work to emerge victorious among the 80 participating teams. We look forward to the challenges posed by BAJA 2011.

S. No.Register NumberNameCGPAAmount (Rs)Year of Study
1412515114066EMAYAVARAMBAN A9.25525000II
2412515114069GOKUL V9.19610000II
3412515114163RAGHU S9.13710000II
4412515114228VIGNESHA D9.09810000II
5412515114185SARAVANAN P S9.07810000II
6412515114021ANJAN SHRINIVAS V9.07810000II
7412515114032ASWIN R V9.05910000II
8412515114114MEGAVANNAN P95000II
9412515114088KARAN K95000II
10412515114093KARTHIKEYAN K8.985000II
11412515114047CALEB STEVENSON S8.9025000II
12412515114172ROHIITH G B8.8635000II
13412515114074GOWTHAM P (24/10/1997)8.8635000II
14412515114174SABAREESH SHANKAR B8.8635000II
15412515114158PREMKUMAR D8.8435000II
16412515114089KARTHICK G8.8435000II
17412515114096KISHORE R8.8245000II
18412515114217SURYA NARAYANAN R8.8245000II
19412515114015AKASH G8.8245000II
20412514114211VIGNESH C (GQ)9.37345000III
21412514114190SREE VIGNESH S9.21610000III
22412514114007AISWARYA V9.18610000III
23412514114198SUHAIL AHMED N9.16710000III
24412514114122NAVEENKUMAR N (AGARAM)9.12710000III
25412514114146PRITHIVI T9.08810000III
26412514114223YUVARAJ K9.05910000III
27412514114212VIGNESH L9.03910000III
28412514114106MONISHA M95000III
29412514114037ASWINI SUBHATRA M8.985000III
30412514114051CHEZHIAN T8.9615000III
31412514114114MUTHUVEL M S8.9415000III
32412514114165SANJAY ARUN S8.9415000III
33412514114078JAYA SUBHA DEVI J8.9125000III
34412514114012AJIT KUMAR S8.8535000III
35412514114027ARUN KUMAR A8.8245000III
36412514114099MANOJKUMAR M V8.7655000III
37412513114212VISHALINE C G9.1710000IV
38412513114169SIDDHARTH A G S9.16710000IV
39412513114013AKASH CHOWDHURY9.10710000IV
40412513114109NANDA KUMAR K9.05310000IV
41412513114004ABINASH A9.0510000IV
42412513114002ABHIJITH M8.985000IV
43412513114056GIRIDHARAN J K8.9535000IV
44412513114197VASANTH S8.9475000IV
45412513114133PRIYANKA M8.875000IV
46412513114147SABARINATHAN T8.8675000IV
47412513114124PRADEEP KUMAR S8.855000IV
48412513114005ABISHEK N8.8275000IV
49412513114177SUCHITRA S8.835000IV
50412513114158SARAVANAN M8.815000IV
51412513114099MAGESH D8.7675000IV
52412513114126PRAMOD V8.7675000IV

Department Associations

Mechanical Engineering Association:

  • National level technical symposium
  • Organizing Guest Lectures

The Department has conducted a National conference in Emerging Trends in Energy and Environment 2005.


The Department has undersigned MOUs for the following companies

  • M/s. Sarnath Consultants, Chennai
  • M/s. Indrad Auto consultants, Chennai
  • M/s. MBM Industries P Limited, Chennai
  • M/s. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd
  • M/s. GeeYem Industries, Chennai

Activities Carried Out in MoU Signed Industries:

  • Mini Project – Trunnion Jig carried out at M/s. MGM Industries (P) Limited
  • Industrial Project – Indrad Autoconsultants,Chennai (Best project for the year 2005-06)
  • Student Project work – providing support in CAD / CAM area – Sarnath Consultants, Chennai
  • Laboratory Display board – MGM Industries (P) Limited, Chennai

Professional societies:

  • SAE
  • ISTE
  • IE
  • SESI